Here are the most frequently asked questions we get EVERY DAY & answers to those questions.  This page will expand as time goes on.

1)  Are you in DC?

We live in the DC exurbs.  That means we could be in DC, PA, MD, VA & even parts of DE or WV.

2)  Skype, Kik..?. Some other type of instant chat?

No, security & confidentiality are of paramount importance to us because of our jobs & families.  We WILL NOT be video chatting with you as there is no way for us to ensure our security.  Video & screen captures people!

3)  Are there pictures of you on here?

On our previous tumblr there were pics of us (our faces were obscured).  We haven’t uploaded any to the newest version of our tumblr but that doesn’t mean we won’t ever. No, we won’t send you pics of us.  There are still some on our twitter.

4)  Can I meet you?

We actually agreed to meet someone a long time ago from tumblr, it went very badly. We were stalked & harassed for months & since we had given him our SwingLifestyle screenname,  Hubby ended up having to cancel that account and we had to start a new one to avoid him. Since we learn from our mistakes, no, we don't meet anyone from twitter or tumblr.

5)  What Swinger sites are you on?

We have lifetime accounts on SwingLifestyle, LoveVoodoo, Kasidie, Alt Playground, Fetlife & Quiver. We have also had accounts with Adult Friendfinder, Swingers Date Club, Swinger Zone Central, Lifestyle Lounge.

6)  What’s your screenname on ______________ lifestyle site?

We aren't telling you, see answer to question 4.

7)  What Swinger sites do you recommend?

Here is the Swing! Affiliates Page with them listed.   Basically they all have a “FREE to try option” so try them out & see what works best for you in your area.

8)  I want to join. How do I do it?

To find out what’s going on in your area you really need to start with a Swinger Lifestyle site. See answer to question 7.

9)  How do I convince my Wife/Husband to Swing?

Ask them. But… there is no silver bullet sure fire way. Test the waters, find out if they fantasize about Swinging and, if they do, move from there.  If they say “no,” be prepared to abandon the whole idea, it’s gonna have to stay a fantasy unless you are prepared to destroy your relationship.

9)  Do you have a web site?

Umm, yeah, right here where you are,  On twitter.   ​Ontumblr.

That’s all we can think of right now, but there will be more to cum.

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